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Atelier communautaire d’ébénisterie de Rosemère (ACER) is a not-for-profit organization centered around a community woodworking shop in Rosemere. The principle objectives of the organization are to provide: a well-appointed workshop for the general use of members to work on their own projects (under supervision); and practical seminars to teach woodworking techniques.  

In addition to having use of a very complete set of tools, members also have access to a large library of specialized manuals, magazines and DVDs.  ACER also has rough lumber as well as veneers available for members at a reasonable cost (e.g. maple, oak, ash and aniegre). 

All members agree to respect the code of conduct of the ACER.  Many volunteer time for community projects, as well as to oversee the workshop when it is open for general use. The administrative roles of the organization are likewise filled by members on a voluntary basis.

Workshop access

Workshop hours:

The supervised workshop is open for general use by members as follows:
  • Wednesday to Friday from 9am to noon;  2pm to 5pm and 7pm to 10pm
  • Saturday from 9 am to noon; and 2pm to 5pm
  • The workshop is closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 


  • Non-members are welcome to visit the workshop and meet with current members when it is open. 

  • The workshop may be unavailable for general use when seminars are being given. 

  • If no members have arrived in the first 20 minutes of a session, the workshop may close for the balance of the period.   


Upcoming seminars:

In addition to the project-based seminar included with the annual membership, other seminars are available for members of the ACER on a variety of topics. If you find one of the seminars interesting (even if the date is not yet known) be sure to let us know so that we can better adapt the upcoming seminar schedules.   

Normand Painchaud

Finishing Techniques

Presents a number of techniques and also provides the opportunity to stain a small piece.   

Duration: 6 hours (a Saturday).

Cost :  30$ 

Date : Saturday, November 6th, 2021.


Joey Horvath

Canoe Paddle

A practical seminar teaching the techniques required to sculpt your own paddle.

Duration: 12 hours (two days) + time in between to work on your own at the shop.

Cost: 90$  (includes material)

Date : January 2022 


Normand Painchaud

Turning a Mallet

Practical introduction to wood turning, with the objective of making your own mallet. 

Duration: 6 hours 

Cost: 40$  (includes material)

Date: Thursday, November 18th, 2021.


Normand Painchaud

Introduction to Veneering and Marquetry

Practical introduction to veneering through the construction of your own chessboard.   

Duration: 12 hours 

Cost: 60$ (includes material)

Date:  January 2022.



Some photos of our members' projects

A glimpse of some of our members’ work – either in progress or completed. Members frequently exchange with each other for tips and thoughts about how to progress their projects and can also seek out guidance from more experienced woodworkers at the shop..
Bernard Montas

One of the founding values of the ACER is commitment to the community

Beyond their own personal projects, ACER’s members volunteer in helping on projects that are a benefit to the greater community, for example by recycling the lumber from ash trees culled by the city.
Additionally, the ACER workshop is made available two days per week for “La Libellule”. As part of it's mission, this organization provides training for adults with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders, utilizing the ACER facilities for them to complete small woodworking projects. 
Bac à plantationSemencier réalisé pour la bibliothèque de RosemèreLa LibelluleAtelier en actionAssemblage à tenons

A virtual visit of the workshop...

Some photos of the workshop until we have a chance to meet you there.  
Bacs à plantationBac à plantationSemencier réalisé pour la bibliothèque de RosemèreLa LibelluleAtelier en actionAssemblage à tenonsTravail sur la table à toupieFabrication d

Joining the ACER

In addition to accessing the supervised workshop, members also benefit from discounts negotiated with select regional suppliers.  With each annual membership a series of practical seminars are provided on fundamental woodworking techniques. 
The dues are $200 per year for residents of Rosemere and $300 for non-residents. 
For more information submit this form.  To register, please visit us at the workshop. 
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A short history...

The concept for the ACER was brought to light in early 2018 by Normand Painchaud, a retired professor from l’École Nationale du Meuble et de l’Ébénisterie.  A not-for-profit organization was created for the workshop and the idea presented to the City of Rosemere.  Recognizing the seriousness of the organization and seeing a unique opportunity to acquire a collection of woodworking tools, the City took the decision to support the organization and agreed to provide financial support, as well as a space for the workshop in one of the garages located in the former fire station (also taking steps to improve the infrastructure for its new role). By the summer of 2018 work was underway to setup the workshop and the first practical seminars were given in the winter of 2019.  
The ACER is thankful for the financial support received from the City of Rosemere as well as the Quebec Government through its Programme de Soutien à l’Action Bénévole .  
Now in its third year, with above 50 active members, the ACER is guided by a Board of Directors which is presided by Mr. Painchaud. 
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428-A Chemin de la Grande-Côte, Rosemère, QC, J7A 1M5 Porte 3 (près de l'Ecocentre). 
Adresse postale : 325 Chemin de la Grande-Côte, Rosemère, QC, J7A 1K2 

(438) 391-4801

Du mercredi au vendredi :  de 9h à 22h; 
Le samedi : de 9h à 17h.


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